The aim of this blog is to encourage people to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly those that are locally grown. I would, also, like to know that the growers are getting a fair deal for what they produce.

To do this, I want to show, what should be available to you, each month, from your local Supermarket, Greengrocer, Wholesaler or Farmers Market and if it’s not there, I’m encouraging you to ask: ‘Why not?’

In addition to listing the fruit and vegetables available each month, I want to link into the growers, how they decide what to grow, how the grow the crops and how they get their produce to market.

I also want to go behind the scenes to look at: a. How we should keep an eye on the quality of what is offered. b. Whether the correct packaging is used. c. Do we ever need to import produce that could be grown here? d. Do Hotels and Restaurants ever question the origin of their fruit and vegetables?

There will be lots of other areas to explore, so I will blog them as they come up.